Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ferrari by Friday?

Exotic cars are cool..and there are more flavors now than at almost any time in history...The rise in the population of so called"High Net Worth"[read super rich sobs]has spurned a increase in the variety and price of these exotic machines.Carmakers desperate for high profit cars to replace the waning profit margins in the garden variety cars;have rushed into the market with higher and higher priced exotic cars.The warm reception many of these vehicles have received has caused Automakers such as BMW,Mercedes,as well as traditional full line companies such as Honda to rethink what the most people would pay for a "personal transportation pod".A corolla will get you there too but not in style like a Maybach..The Maybach is much nicer as Pods go.

If your reading this, you probably can't afford to shell out $500,000 for a car .even a really ,really cool one.Maybe not $70,000 for a New Corvette either!.

But now it is possible to rent these masterpieces.

It's not that expensive as you would think!

if you consider the car payments on your buick vs. it's price or what Avis charges for a boring rent- a -econo -box.It is actually a fantastic deal!